Whether it is a Press Release or an In-depth article or a series of pieces or just a blog, writing is great content marketing.

As part of EdTechTeacher's Back to School Series, we explored new apps and tools Canva is both a web based tool and app that allows you to create graphics easily. It brings the power of image creation to students and educators within a simple interface. Join us as Kate Wilson talk with Lisa Johnson (@TechChef4u), a […]

This post first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers. Google Forms can be one of the best tools in the classroom for data collection and assessment as well as a great resources for teachers to use in order to get information from parents. In this Back-to-School season, you may need to coordinate times for parent-teacher […]

This post first appeared on Edudemic and EdTechTeacher's blog True Project Based Learning (PBL) challenges students to acquire deeper knowledge of a concept by establishing connections outside their classroom. According to the research on PBL, the main tenets are to create real world connections, develop critical thinking skills, foster structured collaboration, motivate student driven work, and […]

THIS POST FIRST APPEARED ON EDUDEMIC THEN EDTECHTEACHER Professional coders work collaboratively, and rarely does a computer scientist create a program solely on their own. Every successful programming project evolves as a result of Iterations of code, the merging of ideas, and the contributions of the individual team members. Not only does coding empower students to […]

This post first appeared on Edudemic then EdTechTeacher Fueled by an incredible demand in the workforce for proficient programmers and the need to teach critical thinking skills, the coding movement in schools has exploded. Furthermore, we all communicate through technology, so we should at least know the basic premise of coding because the gadget sitting in […]

Since my last post, I have worked extremely hard for an America's Cup team which ended in victory but did not leave much time to consider "Whats next?" I gained so much experience during my time with ORACLE TEAM USA and the craziest part was once the balloons fell and everyone drank sweet champagne from […]

Ironically, I want to write a blog about using technology to educate. However, this is not risingT's first website. I first launched risingT less than a year ago but I only paid the bills for 6 months then got distracted by a new job and a cross country move and the website was lost to […]

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