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Creating a digital storefront for organizations along with functionality and creativity is the focus of risingT.

Working with the designer and builder of a new type of motor yacht has been a privilege and an exciting project. It began with just a logo and has grown into a website, brochures, and plans for a growing brand. Check it out at capepowercats.com

Squarespace is rapidly becoming a leader in website management and MailChimp. It’s easy to use interface allows users to interact with a variety of components to create beautiful websites. However, what seems easy to manage, might not seem easy to set up initially which why the more professional setup is required coupled with training to […]

Confident Captain wanted to spin off the recreational boating from the professional that linked to theor Shopify account for easier management. Justgoboating.com

CleanBays is an amazing local non-profit cleaning the shorelines of the Bay and surrounding coastlines from large debris and small waste that washes up. Using a landing craft, they are able to get places that cars and trucks cannot. However, their amazing work has not gotten the attention it deserves. So we built them a […]

Weekend Event Attracts Diverse Fleet of 23 Hood-Designed Yachts Original Post Appeared on DesignerSeries.org Bristol (R.I.)  August 3, 2017 – The Designer Series Rendezvous, a new annual event to honor yacht designers, kicked off with a weekend of festivities July 21-23, 2017 on the shores of Bristol, Rhode Island, at the Herreshoff Marine Museum. With […]

Client: Gunboat URL: Gunboat.com Services: Gunboat had an existing Wordpress website that required new content and functionality.

Client: Get-Attention Website: get-attention.com Service: New Website for consulting group aiming to help job seekers connect with thier services Serice

Client: EdTechTeacher Goal: A registration site for ETT’s Summer Workshops in 4 cities with 15 different workshops topics and 9 instructors, and registration. URL: ettsummer.org Design: Create a template for every city, workshop, and instructor then cross-linked them to give different end-users options

Client: Confident Captain/ Ocean Pros Goal: Create a 56.5 Online Course based on an approved US Coast Guard curriculum for potential captains to prepare for their Licensing Exam. Design: Used an existing Learning Management System and created video content with Captain Instructors. Learn more: http://www.confidentcaptain.com/   

Client: EdTechTeacher Purpose: Registration site for their San Diego Conference URL: http://edtechteacher.org/sandiego Screenshots:

Client: Goetz Composites Goal: A new website to reflect their high end products URL: goetzcomposites.com  

Client: Friends of Andy Tyska Goal: Create a new logo, website, Facebook page and print collateral to promote Tyska for Bristol Town Council URL: Tyska.us

A website to find Captain’s courses. confidentcaptain.com

M32 is an international brand with a North American headquarters in Newport, Rhode Island. I have provided them with some graphic and web design services from Newsletter templates and Social Media Graphics to Web Development for a North American Series. During the World Match Racing Tour in Newport, Rhode Island. I managed the website and […]

Client: EdTechTeacher Purpose: to showcase the different apps teachers could use by learning activity and device. URL: edtechteacher.org/apps Select the app icon to learn more about these video editors, or the blue circles to select another device. A full overview list of apps are below.


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