Web Design

Creating a digital storefront for organizations along with functionality and creativity is the focus of risingT.

Client: EdTechTeacher, a professional development consultancy for teachers Goal: To Market their services and be a expert resources for teachers URL: edtechteacher.org Screenshots:

Client: Goetz Composites Goal: A new website to reflect their high end products URL: goetzcomposites.com  

Client: Confident Captain/ Ocean Pros Goal: Create a 56.5 Online Course based on an approved US Coast Guard curriculum for potential captains to prepare for their Licensing Exam. Design: Used an existing Learning Management System and created video content with Captain Instructors. Learn more: http://www.confidentcaptain.com/   

Client: EdTechTeacher Goal: A registration site for ETT’s Summer Workshops in 4 cities with 15 different workshops topics and 9 instructors, and registration. URL: ettsummer.org Design: Create a template for every city, workshop, and instructor then cross-linked them to give different end-users options

The world of sailing is not only fun on the water, it is a network of people connected by a common bond of love of the water and wind. So far, most of my work has been made through a sailing comrade’s connection like a fellow high school sailing coach asking for help with her company’s […]


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