Storm Trysail Club


This is one of my proudest websites to date! This was over 6 months in the making taking multiple websites initially built in Joomla and recreating them for members and the public to find their information.

Much of this website is behind a Members Only Section that allows the STC Members to view a Membership Directory, manage their account profile, pay their dues, buy Member gear and keep up with Member related news.

The crowning achievement of this website is the Membership Proposal Process. Also behind the Member’s Only section, this is a process that has been automated that allows a user to propose a new member. A member proposes someone using an email but also must choose 3 existing members to write recommendations. The process actually emails all of those involved links to add their information to one application then notifies the Membership Commitee when the proposal is ready to be reviewed.

THEN there is a committee of 10 that all comment and vote on the application and if approved, the proposed member is created as a user (using all the information from the application) and emailed a link to login, pay their initiation fee. There is so much more to it but it was a very collaborative process to get up and running.

Another aspect that just launched due to Covid-19 was incorporating an LMS (Learning Management System) into the website so Junior Safety-At-Sea Seminars curriculum would be online via 5 Lessons.

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