Summer Website to Warm up the Winter  EdTechTeacher Summer 2014 (link no longer active) EdTechTeacher Summer 2014 (link no longer active)

The world of sailing is not only fun on the water, it is a network of people connected by a common bond of love of the water and wind. So far, most of my work has been made through a sailing comrade’s connection like a fellow high school sailing coach asking for help with her company’s website. They do professional development for teachers using technology in the classroom and run a series of workshops in the Summer. They needed a calendar, instructor bios, workshops descriptions, and registration to up in less than 3 weeks.

They had a previous graphic designer and web designer, stepping into the midst of another’s work can be confusing and sometimes it feels like it just would have been faster to wipe the slate clean. It was a nice change of pace from the cold December days to look at photos of suns and people in warm clothes! The workshops occur in 6 cities but instructors travel throughout them. So decided to create a sub page for each city but I wanted an overall calendar to show the overview of the summer and the pages to show where all the different workshops and instructors would be throughout the summer.

I found a WordPress plugin called All-In-One Event Calendar. All I can say is DO NOT USE IT!!! It was a great tool that can help tag and link event details and tags. I thought it would be great for cross referencing all the instructors, workshops, cities, and dates for this website. It turns out the plugin tries to compute pretty much every possible combination which in turn SLOOOOWWWWWs down the website so much!

I ended up having to go back and just create individual pages with links to everything. It was very time consuming and I wish I just started that way in the beginning.