Grace Yoga Unplugged: Delivering a new marketing strategy with education

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Squarespace is rapidly becoming a leader in website management and MailChimp. It’s easy to use interface allows users to interact with a variety of components to create beautiful websites. However, what seems easy to manage, might not seem easy to set up initially which why the more professional setup is required coupled with training to effectively then use these communication tools daily.

So when Judy McClain from Grace Yoga decided to take her brick and mortar studio online in an unplugged subscription service and share her knowledge digitally, she turned to risingT to help find a solution to make that plan a reality. A blend of online options became the answer using Squarespace, PayPal, and MailChimp. Collaborating on the look and feel with Judy was fun to allow her personality to come through. The next step was creating the website, functionality, and template so that she can focus on filling it with her knowledge, photos, and audio recordings.

Judy developed a model where monthly she will post an essay on and also mail it to her past yoga practitioners for free.  If clients wish to access breathing practices, mantra recordings, and step-by-step guides to poses, they will need to give a donation and be added to a “Grace Yoga Unplugged” Membership where a monthly enhanced version of the newsletter will be sent via Mailchimp.

After the design and development, we created a custom “How To” documentation using a Google Document (so it can be updated anytime) with screenshots, step by step directions, and organized so Judy can reference lessons on using her tools. Here at risingT, the goal is not to build and manage a website but give you the tools and education to use these skills effectively for your business.