Graphic Design

Whether you need an invitation for a party or a complete branding scheme for a new business or sailboat. RisingT can help find whatever it is you need.


Recent projects:

July 2015 – Social Media posts

Happy 4th of July

June 2015 – New boat logos

Figawi Bacehlorette Persistence, Jamestown RI

May 2015 – Team Alvimedia Support Flag

Newport Hearts Team Alvimedica Flag

March 2015 – Poster for Newport Yacht Club Marine Adventure Camp 


Spring 2015: Promotional Materials for EdTechTeacher’s Summer Workshops






Winter/ Fall 2014: New logos for sailboats

QuintennennceQuintennenncePerstistence Logo Ideaspauhanaelixir


Fall 2014: Promotional Materials for EdTechTeacher’s iPad Summits

ettipad-sign San-Diego-Map

BlackFriday  FullETTiPadInfo

Summer 2014 – T Shirt Design for Newport Yacht Club

12 Meter Challenge and Tshirt-updated-03

January 2014, T-shirt designs for Sailing World:

Nood2014-DesignD-3 Nood2014-DesignB-2 

December 2013, Logos for EdTechTeacher Summer Workshops:


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