Tech Coaching

Technology Coaching

The goal of risingT is empower people to take control of technology to enhance their small business or organization. Creating a marketing tool does not end there for risingT. We want to teach you how to use these tools to obtain your goals. RisingT is willing to take the time to teach you and anyone else what it takes to maintain your website, social media, or other resources.

Did you know 20% of Americans still don’t know how to use the internet and nearly 50% don’t feel comfortable with technology? You are not alone if you don’t feel you have the skills to develop your online tools for success. However, it is easier than you think so with risingT’s help you can overcome learning curves to use technology in your business.

RisingT can also help you develop your own teaching strategies or learning resources. Design instructional tools such as online courses or sourcing educational media for your teaching/learning needs is another service of RisingT. Contact for turning your needs into a reality.

Anyone can Code!

Technology is everywhere we turn and has ingratiated its way into every facet of our lives. However, those devices on our desk and in our pockets do not need to be mysterious black boxes. RisingT can help you and your colleagues learn to code so you can take unleash your creativity on your business or classroom.

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