Classic Yacht Owner’s Association: Content Management

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The membership-driven, nonprofit Classic Yacht Owners Association was established in 2015 to encourage fellowship amongst owners within the classic yacht racing community. The organization’s goal is to help shape the future of the sport by influencing and cultivating long-term regional cooperation amongst those who are dedicated to owning, maintaining, and racing sailing vessels. It also works to promote and educate classic yacht owners in the United States with the objective of attracting new members and creating new funding opportunities to support future classic yacht events.

risingT is working with CYOA to create content for their new website and social media networks in order to raise awareness of this new endeavor and provide members of the community with information about the happenings in Classic Yachts. This includes a monthly newsletter with two unique articles for distribution, weekly social media posts, and as needed technical support for communications through the website, email distribution system, and social media.

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