Marine Industry

The marine industry is a powerful community with a passion for the ocean. Many organizations are small and do not have marketing, web, or design departments or people so risingT helps fill that need to help them reach their goals.

Naasa Website

NASSA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting and supporting adult athletic, competitive sailing on the Narragansett Bay. Our primary activity is the NASSA Racing League, a series of events run on the Narragansett Bay. Through support from memberships, sponsorships, and donations – we provide access to qualified athletes. NAASA looks to support athletes working […]

A small cruising club who needed a new website to tell their news and allow members to pay their dues.

New website for the new Sailing Museum located in the heart of downtown Newport.

Working with Confident Captain for many years, Kent Dresser, tapped us to launch a new initiative: the Professional Captain's Association. This endeavor allows people to sign and up and join to get access to Member's Only content such as Online Captain's Courses, Professional Development courses and videos and more. Check it out"

New England 100 regatta is in it's 31st year and has always been a grassroots event in Narragansett Bay among the hearty multihull sailors. The goal of the event is to sail 100 miles over two days sailing around the Bay on their fast "beach cats." Then in 2020, we were approach to give the […]

Todd Meyer first need a pitch deck for his newly design 24' hydrofoiling catamaran powerboat to entice private buyers. Once we co-designed one using the power of Google Slides remotely that he could modify independently, we took that to the web as the public face of his new company. The goal of the site is […]

An emerging company and sailing team needed a logo and website. I call this the "Start Up Package" where we conceptualize a logo, then get a domain name, set up a website, collateral like a presentation or business cards, then social media. These are the tools the modern business needs to get started.

This was another "Start Up Package" for a local non-profit. Better Bay Alliance. Started by creating a logo for that needed to symbolizes Rhode Island, Unity, Sustainability, Safety, and Access. Then a simple website that will be able to accept donations, display news, and upcoming events. The next steps will include a social media.

Originally Posted March 10, 2020: With the inclusion of offshore sailing into the 2024 Olympics, a new spotlight shines onto a previously established area of our sport. Veteran doublehanded offshore sailors can now fight for Gold, and Olympic hopefuls can forge a new pathway to their dream. A vast majority of sailors may also […]

Pull up banners and posters requested for Northstar Yacht Sales to be displayed in a 3D Poster display. In total there were 48 panels!

HMM and ACHoF's website required a much-needed upgrade. They are not just a Museum but they host events, a sailing school, run a marina, a store, and much more. We had to develop a site that could work for multiple audiences.

When the National Sailing Hall of Fame moved to Newport, they looked to also a hire a local web designer. This is a fun project that we have the honor to be a part of. Looking forward to seeing how this space transforms to inspire future generations of sailors.

Confident Captain CaptTracker: Logging SeaTime is something that is tedious every 5 years for captains to recertify with the US Coast Guard. From the idea of Captain Kent then implemented by risingT to create a web App that can function to log hours for paid users through a subscription. The Newport to Ensenada International Race needed a "facelift." They already had a fully functional WordPress site, so I just added some graphic design and new functionality elements to the site so they could continue to operate as a volunteer organization. Important for events like this is to feature the generous sponsors who support […]

A new website for the CCA's Bermuda Race


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