Whether it is a Press Release or an In-depth article or a series of pieces or just a blog, writing is great content marketing.

Writing is an outlet for me, and especially during these uncertain times, I put my thoughts down and Sailing Scuttlebutt was kind enough to publish them. I am happy to report within hours there are already people reaching out from US Sailing down to a small club in Texas. It's great to see "We're All […]

Originally Posted March 10, 2020: With the inclusion of offshore sailing into the 2024 Olympics, a new spotlight shines onto a previously established area of our sport. Veteran doublehanded offshore sailors can now fight for Gold, and Olympic hopefuls can forge a new pathway to their dream. A vast majority of sailors may also […]

Media Management for the second year handling the Media and Communications for the event. Social Media: Press Release: 92nd CYC Around the Island is a Test in Patience Jamestown, RI - It was a real test of patience for the 99 boats that attempted the 92nd Annual Conanicut Yacht Club Around The […]

  The membership-driven, nonprofit Classic Yacht Owners Association was established in 2015 to encourage fellowship amongst owners within the classic yacht racing community. The organization’s goal is to help shape the future of the sport by influencing and cultivating long-term regional cooperation amongst those who are dedicated to owning, maintaining, and racing sailing vessels. It […]

Weekend Event Attracts Diverse Fleet of 23 Hood-Designed Yachts Original Post Appeared on Bristol (R.I.)  August 3, 2017 – The Designer Series Rendezvous, a new annual event to honor yacht designers, kicked off with a weekend of festivities July 21-23, 2017 on the shores of Bristol, Rhode Island, at the Herreshoff Marine Museum. With […]

When Storm Trysail Approached me in early 2017 to bring a new perspective to the coverage of Block Island Race Week. My first call was to Chris Love Productions. Chris and I worked together on Big Boat Series when I was subcontracted as a Producer for Degan Media. We bring together our strengths in Media […]

After working from home, or working from anywhere, for nearly 2 1/2 years now, I feel strongly that the freedom to make my own hours and schedule makes me a better, more productive worker. When I can jump out of bed in the morning and am happy to get right to work, then I think I am doing things […]

This post first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers. Getting and staying organized as an individual varies with each person’s learning style. Therefore, when it comes to getting a group of people to get organized to accomplish a project, finding the right organizational system can sometimes be the biggest struggle to accomplish the end goal. […]

For me the idea of "working from home" really means "work from anywhere anytime." Sometimes I need the confines of my home office to help me minimize distractions, but other times, I start to go stir-crazy from the silence and the monotony of four walls and desk.  There are days I like to wake up at at […]

At EdTech conferences, sketchnoting has become a trend for capturing an attendee's thoughts on an individual session through drawing, icons, and text. The practice can be uncomfortable for some at first but with practice, I have realized that my visual brain thrived on taking notes through doodling. I wish I had been exposed to this option for […]

I originally wrote this article on my phone on the delivery back from Nantucket and sent it to Craig Leweck, editor of Scuttlebutt, which is he was kind enough to publish. It started as a angry rant and turned out to be therapeutic. I couldn't believe the feedback from my friends and other followers that […]

In honor of Computer Science Education Week, I have been traveling around to volunteer at local Rhode Island schools to show students and teachers how they can get started with coding without even touching devices! I feel it is important to understand and develop logic skills before introducing a programming language to new learners. Unplugged […]

I love Canva for graphic design. This powerful yet simple FREE web tool and app allows users to create beautiful visuals with drag-and-drop ease. However, I am fascinated with the idea of bringing design to the masses, allowing everyone to be an artist. In a world where we process nearly everything visually, in order to […]

This article first appeared on Sailing Scuttlebutt. Back when I started sailing in the late 90s, Junior Sailing to me was all about getting out on the water as much as possible with my friends. Regattas were merely a means to go sailing with more friends from other clubs. The competition was important, but definitely […]

This post was originally posted on Free Tech for Teachers Stop Motion was one of the original video creation techniques. By stringing together a series of single images and displaying them quickly in order, film was born. Now on iPad, Stop Motion can be used as a technique for capturing learning as it happens, making drawings, models, […]

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