US Sailing Match Racing Champs – Live Coverage Director


What do you get when you combine drones, sailing, and Facebook Live? A new way to experience broadcast-quality coverage of a major sailing event.

Working with Chris Love Productions and building upon knowledge gained at the Rolex Big Boat Series in San Francisco weeks prior, I directed the live coverage of the US Sailing Match Racing Championships.

It was a test in ingenuity as our media boat had limited power, maneuverability, and was also the rotation boat for the sailors.  The weather was also very cold (batteries don’t like cold) and then on top of everything, thanks to the Patriots vs Bears NFL game on Sunday, our drones were grounded due to a No-Fly Zone near the game. However, thanks to the great team, we were able to use the drones as regular cameras and keep the coverage going for hours of viewing for the fans back home.

Check out some of the coverage: